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 Weber Aircraft LLC (Gainesville, TX, USA)

“I wanted to say a sincere "thank you" for sending two very qualified and sharp representatives from your company. They were well prepared, fully engaged in the process, convincing, and coached us very well on what we have signed up for with the Airbus TDCA.  […]  I'm certain Airbus representatives were equally impressed and that it strengthened their confidence in Zodiac Seats US.  […]  I just wanted you to know that Jeroen and Beert added excellent value. I hope our paths cross in the future.”

- Dianna Sabo, Certification Engineering Manager at Weber Aircraft

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 Fokker Elmo b.v. (Woensdrecht, NL)

“Veel dank voor de geleverde diensten om een [signatory management] systeem te bouwen en operationeel maken zodat Fokker Elmo succesvol compliance kon aantonen tegen Airbus AP1020 eisen. Zonder jullie bijdrage was Fokker Elmo niet zover gekomen.”

- Fons Bingen, Head of Design Engineering at Fokker Elmo b.v.

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 NedTrain Refurbisment & Overhaul (Haarlem, NL)

"We learned that combining engineering and consulting services work best for our customers. ADSE learned us how to “fish”, but provided some “fish” in the meantime to achieve our milestones.”

- Christiaan Verhoeven, Former program director at NedTrain

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