Introduction of FLIRT trainsets into service

Introduction of FLIRT trainsets into service

The question asked by our customer

The NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen - Dutch Railways) asked ADSE support in the introduction of 58 trainsets from a new train type (the flirt) into full operational service within two years after purchase.

The challenge for ADSE

In general, the process from purchase to full operational service of a new trainset takes approximately five years instead of the prescribed two years.

The ADSE approach

To quickly determine whether the new trainsets were compliant with all the by the NS set requirements, a so-called quick-scan was carried out on the affiliated documentation. After evaluation, a solid advice on adjustments in the documentation could be given. The delivery of the new trainsets could therefore be accepted with full confidence before the delivery of the final version of the trainset’s documentation. This way, preparing the NS organization for service could be done in parallel with working on the FLIRT’s certification.

Achievements we are proud to share with you

Never in the Netherlands such a short notice between purchase of a new trainset and entry into full operational service had been achieved. Due to the positive contribution of ADSE in the whole process, the customer asked ADSE to also offer guidance in the introduction of both the new Sprinter trains as well as the new Intercity trains. Additionally, the FLIRT was recently picked as the favorite train by travelers!

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