15 april 2021

ADSE gives aircraft start-ups and scale-ups a head start

ADSE gives aircraft start-ups and scale-ups a head start

Hoofddorp, NL – With 25 years of experience as independent consulting and engineering company, ADSE is a recognized name in the business. And now, ADSE is using its vast knowledge and experience as EASA Design Organization (DOA) to give aircraft start-ups and scale-ups a head start.

The new aerospace era

These are the days of new aerospace horizons. The days of Urban Air Mobility, electrification, and hydrogen propulsion. Innovations that recently seemed science fiction are today's reality. But innovations in aircraft development are not without headaches. They take time, dedication and a lot of money.

Commercial air transport complex. An incomplete overview of the life cycle of the aircraft leads to incomplete requirements for aspects like certification or maintenance.  It’s the root cause of many failures.

A blueprint for success

Aircraft development involves managing a seemingly impossible number of conflicting requirements from different stakeholders. Newcomers, especially start-ups, are often unaware of the complexity and are likely to make costly mistakes.

To pave the road to a new aerospace era, ADSE has built a generalized blueprint that captures the entire development roadmap. It is a structured framework that addresses all technical and organizational topics throughout the program life cycle. It brings clarity, structure and peace of mind.

From concept feasibility to certification

Our framework describes every step of the aircraft development process. From the first business opportunity to full-scale development, from testing to certification, from innovation to series production.

It serves as a guide for organization development, milestone planning and collaboration between the airframe OEM, its suppliers and the airworthiness authorities.

We help you to take-off

ADSE supports the development process, systems integration, industrialization and the establishment of a customer support package. We also assist in setting up DOA, POA and MOA approvals. And under our EASA Design Organization Approval (EASA.21J.481), we perform minor and major modifications and repair designs.

Let us help you to successfully take-off.

More information

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For more information, contact Eric van der Veen: eric.vanderveen@adse.eu