Anti-icing, pneumatics and ECS design, engineering and certification

With our EASA part 21J.481 Design Organization Approval, ADSE can design and certify anti-icing and ECS systems as well as pneumatics. We can support you on many different subjects.

Our services

  • Ice protection system design and certification
  • Ice shape definition using Lewice
  • Ice accretion analysis
  • Aerodynamic aspects of aircraft icing on handling and performance
  • Bleed air analysis and engine matching
  • Bleed air system modeling using Flowmaster
  • System and component specification development
  • Design integration support (system analysis, functional design, component sizing, installation, RAM/LCC)
  • Climate control specification, including functional description of the system
  • Design verification, production qualification
  • Qualification and Certification (planning, MoC definition, test management, substantiation, CVE)
  • Test planning, specification, instrumentation plan, analysis and reporting